Mitch Laing

So you want something legit from me... or can I make it up?

5 years older and balder

Survived three latest rounds of buyouts and layoffs at The Press Democrat, the daily newspaper out of Santa Rosa. Our IT staff has gone from 10 to 4 in past 6-7 years. (my personal web site hasn't been revised in many years...)

We also publish the NorthBay Business Journal and Petaluma Argus Courier, as well as several specialty publications including Wine Country Travel Mags.

Interests these days still include roller coasters, motorcycles and sightseeing, I'm a member of the Native Sons of the Golden West and American Legion. Additionally as a Patriot Guard Rider I lead escorts for returning and fallen military personnel and attend their services if we are invited and time allows.

Karen and I have been together for almost 20 years and are the proud humans of a 6-year old Beagle with the middle name of Trouble.

Living in Sonoma because I don't want to make the daily commute over Mount St Helena from Lake County where we have some property, but planning to buy a new place in or near Santa Rosa soon to shorten my commute even more.

Photo of an Escort for a fallen soldier in July.
PGR_Riders_sm.JPG (119847 bytes)
I'm at the extreme left in the photo.

Photo of a Welcome Home for a Soldier-Mom in Santa Rosa. (mother of two teen sons, two stepsons... one boy was quoted "ya, my mom wears Army boots")
PGR_Terry_sm3.JPG (354406 bytes)
She is in the center and is a former neighbor. We had 30 riders escort Terry to the celebration.

She's younger and thinner now, but here's an actual (rare) photo of Karen and me together at the same time and astral plane.
Rainbow.jpg (103180 bytes)
Rainbow Lodge off Hwy 80

On Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom,
MCLMedusa48.jpg (93011 bytes)
Feet Up and Hands Free!

P.S.  Holly Leake got my number at the reunion Saturday Night and called me, from the dinner!
She said "you might not remember this is Holly..." and I said immediately Holly Leake!
She wasn't at SLOSH for long but I do indeed remember her. (no special reason)

So I was there both Friday night, on my sister's cell phone, and Saturday, on her husband's phone.

They live in the East Bay Valley area and come to Napa often, so we'll meet that way sometime.

I told my Boss today just how PO'd I was to have missed this weekend, that I had it on the calendar MANY MONTHS ago.
he was apologetic, and, well... didn't fire me yet. Still have system builds to complete.