Frank Avila

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Well, when I left SLO in 1976 I went into the Navy for 8 years and saw the world.  I had terrible duty stations:  Pearl Harbor Hawaii and Monterey CA.  During my duty onboard the USS Whipple, I visited:  Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Guam, Midway Island, Solomon Islands (we actually were there with John Glenn for their Independence Day celebration).

I then left the Navy and went into the High Tech Industry in the Bay Area until 199 [sic], when I came home to SLO.

I retired from Intel in 2002 and started developing my family's property at which time I got my real estate license so I would know what the individual I was dealing with was saying. One of the real estate companies I worked with actually liked how I worked and offered me a job, where I work today part time basically.

Richardson Properties

My wife and I do love to travel and have been traveling a lot with my 90-year-old Mom. We have been on 17 cruises together all over the World, including the Caribbean, Mediterranean, British Isles, European Coast, Canada, Mexico to name a few. I have also visited Russia, both Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

For our 20 year wedding anniversary we are going on a photo safari in South Africa.

We have no children, but have a 12 year old yellow lab named “Yogi”
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