Francie Jones/Langley

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I have a son, 25 (John) who is finishing up at the community college with plans to transfer to Fresno State.  He works at the Boys and Girls Club in Farmersville. 

My daughter, Jessica, just turned 22, and is graduating from Fresno State in Speech Pathology.  She is looking for a Masterís program.  She also plays cello in the local Tulare County Symphony. 

Iím a CPA in Visalia (Scott, Mainord & Langley).  Things just get busier and busier! 

My husband, Jerry, works as assistant supervisor at a farming company, in Corcoran.  Jerry and I have been married 29 years. 

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There doesnít seem to be much time for fun, work just gets more and more involved!  Iíve been hand-painting stationery for birthday and anniversary cards for my familyÖpretty big extended familyÖ(50 birthday cards and 14 anniversary cards).  A year ago I started learning the violin.  I took piano lessons from 4th to 8th grade, but never music in school.  I have my grandfatherís violin, and I can practice in a back room to avoid interrupting TV time in the family room, so itís been great fun playing something again.  (I stopped playing when my daughter became interested in piano and cello when she was 10, because I didnít want some kind of weird competition ruining it for her. )  

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