Elliot Curzon

Here's an update for the reunion page. I still don't know if I'm going to be able to make it. My older daughter starts college in August.

I couldn't make the 2003 reunion (and as this is written don't know if I will be able to make this one).

Not much has changed since 2003. We still live in the Virginia suburbs of DC (Fairfax County, right next to Alexandria). I continue to practice securities law with Dechert LLP and became a partner in 2006 (If you want to see what I look like now here's a link to my page on my firm's website:  Dechert LLP, Washington, D.C. ).

My older daughter Rachel is 18 and off to Virginia Commonwealth University as a Health (pre-Med/Nursing) major. She is a talented, compassionate young woman with a bright future. My younger daughter Sarah (17) will be a senior this fall at West Potomac High School having earned varsity letters in rowing and track (more to come I'm sure).  She sings in the school choir and has been honor roll off and on since her freshman year.

My wife LaDonna is a stay at home mom who likes to row boat and dabble in politics. We like to travel when we can, although there is probably not much traveling in the cards until we get both our kids off to college.

My favorite pastimes are fishing, hunting, skiing, gardening, working on cars, fixing things and cooking.

We have land on the Chesapeake Bay and hope to build a weekend/retirement home there in a few years.  We will be able to host visiting friends and family and I will be able to fish, hunt, crab, garden, tong for oysters, restore cars (maybe race them, too), ride motorcycles, and build and fix things.

I got together with two of my three siblings, Rebecca (SLOSH Class of '74) and Peter (SLOSH Class of '76), for some skiing in Utah this last March. I hope to do some more of that.

Life is good and getting better and I hope the same is true for all of you."


Elliott Curzon