David Rodgers

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(I will send an update for David as you won't receive one directly from him.)

David Rodgers married - 30 yrs.  Lisa Nelson Rodgers (Class of '74)  

General Building Contractor - 21 yrs. 
Living in Atascadero for 23yrs.

      Blaine -  29 yrs, married and has a 2-yr-old daughter
      Cullen -  27 yrs old, Firefighter with Cal Fire
      Morgan - 23 yrs old , Carpenter/ Student

Hobbies: Spent many years volunteering for the kids; baseball, wrestling, 4-H. Loves golf, hunting, hiking, BBQ's for all kinds of community events.  Will just be getting home the day of the reunion from 4th climb up Mt Whitney in one day.

See you next weekend.