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53rd birthday is Sunday August 10th - day after the reunion. 

Married 22 years to Earl this August 30th. He is a Sergeant with the Austin Police Dept. 32 years. 

My retirement date from Continental Airlines is the end of this month (August 30th to be exact), after 30+ years. 

Two step-sons, Donny, 25 on August 16th, and Kyle 23, last May 1st. Six Rat Terrier mix dogs. Three are rescues from Katrina (Abby, Sade Lynn, and Mia), one was abandoned by owner (Alexandra), and my two original ones (Calle and Zoe) came from a breeder. They are a small herd, and I love them all equally. Sorry, no art work. 

Speaking of artwork, I purchased the most beautiful original painting of a Bird of Paradise flower from Elena Garcia (class of '73) earlier this year. She is an excellent artist, and lives in Hawaii.  [Elena Garcia Studio] 

One older sister (class of '72) living in Santa Paula, married with two grown sons, younger one still living in SLO working for Shea Homes. Father, still living in SLO, turned 80 this past April. Mother passed away in October of 2003. 

I enjoy living in Austin except for the extremely hot summers. Officially, Texas is called "The Lone Star State", but is widely recognized as "The Friendly State" . The people here are great and it does make a difference. Would love to return to California but ... I did marry a Texan after all. 

Looking forward to seeing y'all.

[Updated:  3 Aug 2008]