Bonnie Langford/Glidden and Barbara Langford/Schroeder

 As some of you already know, Barbara passed away very suddenly from a very rare form of cancer this past March, in Boone, North Carolina, where she lived with her husband, Mark Schroeder.  Until the week of her death, she had been working with a Christian non-profit organization that provides disaster relief all over the world.  Her husband continues to travel and work with that organization.  She has two sons in their early twenties.  One is in New York City, working to become an actor, and one just announced his engagement, so we are all looking forward to a family wedding next summer, although it is going to be bittersweet to celebrate a wedding without Barbara among us.   To say she is missed is the biggest understatement I could ever make. 


Im living in Hot Springs, Arkansas now.  Dan and I have moved around a lot with his career, but I think well settle here until we retire (elsewhere!).    This part of Arkansas is actually very beautiful with dense forests, huge lakes, and lots of outdoor recreation.    We have one daughter, living in Michigan, who just celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary. 


I sure hope you all have a super time at the reunion!



BonnieBarbara-schroeder oct photos 024.jpg (61133 bytes)
Our last birthday together, last October, 2007, Bon on right, Barb on left.

BonnieBarbara-christmas 2007 017.jpg (34613 bytes)   BonnieBarbara-christmas 2007 027.jpg (39010 bytes)
Our last Christmas together, Barb in red top, Bon in dark top.