Bob Hastings

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Married to Vicky and celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary later this August.  Vicky is a Public Relations guru for a company specializing in 'sustainability', travel, and high tech companies and organizations.

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Daughter: Erin, is a graduate of the University of Oregon, B Arch.  Lives and works in Portland as an intern architect at BOORA Architects.  She's been heavily involved in the new Graduate School of Engineering at Stanford (finally a Hastings found a way to into Stanford).

Son: Drew, is also following the family theme and is in his 4th year of college, also at Oregon, and also working towards his B Arch.

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Me?  After graduating from U of O in '79, and taking a year off for graduate school at Penn in '83 to get my M Arch, have been an architect for around 20 years.  In 2000 I made the switch over to the client side of things in order to focus on transit and community development (Portland metro region's transit agency).  I'm now TriMet's Agency Architect and manage design & construction for light rail stations, urban design, and dabble in our art program and some architecture and transit oriented development stuff. 

I still love to read - mostly history, design, and topics related to the design/creation of the built environment.  I took up golf 25 years ago and still can't break 80.  In a vain effort to lose weight, restore my hair, and stay healthy, I bike to work, and ride around Portland (getting passed all the time by old ladies, kids, and unicycles).  I've grown too fond of good wine, single malt scotch, and '70's music.  Thanks to Erin, Vicky, and Drew I'm finally listening to 'indie' music (Decemberists, Shins, and Modest Mouse) and expanding my food tastes.

Members of my family still alive but no longer living in SLO are: Mom in Santa Rosa, sister Anne in Stockton, and brother Doug is an attorney with Ernst & Young in Ukraine