A. David Chan

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After graduation, I went to Cal Poly as a Math major with a Computer Science concentration.  CS had not yet matured into a separate major at Poly at the time.  The CS Dept. had a an IBM 360 Model 40 that used punched cards.  Batch processing was a guy behind the counter handling boxes and boxes of Hollerith cards from impatient students.  It sometimes took days to get the results of your program out of the computer room.

In 1978, I moved to SoCal to work at Hughes Aircraft Co. in Fullerton.  They used the highly-advanced (NOT!) Perkin-Elmer OWL minicomputer.  No, you've never heard of it.  It was essentially a piece of test equipment that somebody wrote networking software and a few tools for, and that made it the leading edge of technology.  It was, in a lot of ways, but really it was the result of a terrific salesman from Perkin-Elmer Corp. and an ignorant buyer at Hughes.

I left Rockwell International and the B-1B project in 1986 to form my own software engineering company.  I was the only employee of Limited Private Software, Inc. for the first year.  I have since partnered with many other companies and worked on many Aerospace & Defense software projects.  Name an aerospace company and I have probably worked with it at one time or another.  Hughes Aircraft (now Raytheon), Rockwell (now Boeing), TRW which is now part of Northrup-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Jet Propulsionn Laboratory - all of those; the list is very long.  I specialize in aircraft avionics software and military satellite communications software.  I also work with strategic aircraft mission control software.  I know, you either don't care or want to know more.  Unfortunately, the history of my life has been inversely related to the history of the computer.  As computers got more advanced in technology, I got more advanced in dementia.  I am almost a babbling idiot... almost.

I was married for 12 years.  We were DINKs - Dual Incomes, No Kids.  We went our separate ways in 1996.  I retired in 2000, but there is such a high demand for experienced sofware engineers that I have bounced in and out of retirement since then.  I'd rather be playing poker!

When ESPN started broadcasting the World Series of Poker and then focusing on celebrities like Ben Affleck playing the game, they didn't do me any favors.  The number of poker players, especially punk kids, has exploded and they aren't dummies anymore.  They are actually pretty good.  They have played as many hands of poker online in their two years of poker playing as I have with a real deck of cards in my whole life.  Instant experience!

The wine thing is still my favorite "hobby" and I am still the webmaster for many websites.  My wine collection has gone from 10,000+ bottles of wine when I retired to around 5,000.  I am unloading as much wine as I can and buying hard gold.  I have a very pessimistic view of the world right now and if everything does start collapsing down around us like a house of cards, I'd rather have a pile of American Gold Eagles than a vertical of Screaming Eagle.

I need a glass of wine... ahhh, leftover 1999 Colgin, Cariad....